Mandelastraat, Zaandam

Ik zou deze makelaar aanbevelen.👍

We are a first time buyer couple. With Ed’s help we managed to get the house we wanted without being the highest bidder, on our first bid! This happened because he did a correct consultation on how to frame our offer efficiently, without breaking our budget. It has to be noted that we also managed to get a motgage for the full amount in the end. On top of that, we received very good consultation on what is on the market and what to expect. This helped us to save time by not having to see houses that we would not like anyway. In our case it would be houses built before the 70s. Additionally, Ed showed us around the area that we wanted to buy and listed us the pros and cons so we could know what to expect per area. And last but not least, Ed has given us good insight on what renovations were needed in each property, and how much it would cost, something that is crucial for everyone when they want to buy a house. In general we are really satisfied with the service and we have already recomended Ed to our friends and collueages!


Availability and communication: 10
Expertise: 10
Negotiation and result: 10
Price /quality: 8

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