Jacobvan Lennepkade, Amsterdam

Hi there, It is quite difficult to explain to someone who is about to embark on the journey of buying a house in Amsterdam, how mentally and emotionally strenuous this process is.
It is a very tough market out there, and I can give you my word the ONLY way you will find your dream house at the price you can afford, in an area you love, is if you have one of the best Makelaars (brokers) on your team.
Ed is this person. He has a strong handle on how the residential market in the Netherlands works.
He knows a lot of technical details about the properties (which will ensure you avoid making a mistake purchase) and is hands down one of the nicest, most patient, professional people we have met.
It took us just under 9 months to get our home, and throughout the process Ed was consistently doing everything he could do to make this dream happen, even if it meant, not giving us a nod of approval on a less than appropriate house when asked for advice months into the process.
Also worth mentioning that Ed charges one of the most affordable rates in Amsterdam. So value for money, we cannot recommend Ed enough. Best Regards, James and Marí.

Availability and communication: 10
Expertise: 10
Negotiation and result: 10
Price /quality: 10

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